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AP 2000

AP 2000


AP 2000 – Design by Studio F. A. Porsche

Scandinavian type design, functional forms, careful selection of materials and first class workmanship that combines artisan tradition with state of the art technology – The designs of Studio F. A. Porsche in Zell am See, Austria all bear the same unmistakeable stamp of an iconic style. This is the second time the legendary design studio has created a collection of wallpapers for Architects Paper, the premium and contract brand by A.S. Création Tapeten AG. The new designs are a conscious continuation of the predecessor collection AP 1000, presented in 2010, but are also a more playful version of the typical design signature of Studio F. A. Porsche.

Softer shapes such as circles or lines that look as if painted by hand engage in harmonious dialogue with natural and fresh colours. The high quality non-woven wallpapers with subtle 3D effects are accentuated by matt shimmering gold, silver or bronze embossing. Clear and dynamic graphical patterns work together with a vibrant, but never loud, colour scheme and exude a timeless, luxurious charm. Expressive matt-gloss embossing runs through the entire collection, giving walls a life-like depth. The warm glow of the textured finish breaks up the cool elegance of the blue and white surface areas. These wallpapers are ideal for modern, design-driven interior styles where they make discreet statements here and more eloquent ones there.

With this collection, Studio F. A. Porsche, one of Europe’s most prestigious design houses, continues its tradition of an iconic, no-frills design language, which has already attracted great attention with AP 1000. The trendsetting designs will be available from January 2016.



Material         : Textured non woven
weight            :  200 g/sqm
roll width      :   53 cm
roll length     :   10 m
Origin            :   Germany


gallery images with entire collection

rb-07_ap2000_961181_a4 rb-06_detail1_ap2000_885616_a4 rb-06_ap2000_885616-960685_a4 rb-05_detail3_ap2000_960655_a4 rb-05_detail2_ap2000_960633_a4 rb-05_detail1_ap2000_960633_a4 rb-05_ap2000_960655-960633_a4 rb-04_detail2_ap2000_303492-960672_a4 rb-04_detail1_ap2000_960672_a4 rb-01_ap2000_886316-303502_a4 rb-01_detail1_ap2000_303502_a4 rb-01_detail1_ap2000_886316-303502_a4 rb-02_ap2000_960643-960695_a4 rb-02_detail1_ap2000_960643_a4 rb-02_detail2_ap2000_960695_a4 rb-03_ap2000_303483-303473_a4 rb-03_detail2_ap2000_303483_a4 rb-03_detail1_ap2000_303473_a4 rb-04_ap2000_303492-960672_a4


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